About us

Sanro company was founded in 1994 by Adrian Gheorghe Sandulescu.

At first its activity was shoes and accessoires distribution. In 1997 Sanro began manufacturing women's shoes in Iasi, using the best materials available; mostly leather.

From the beginning the main concern was with the quality of each production stage. This is still our main focus today.

Sanro is looking for business partners in:

>> shoe manufacturing
>> product distribution
>> raw materials procurement
>> other business opportunities in       the field

You can contact us at sales@sanro.ro or directly at our main office in Iasi. See Contact page for details.


The pride and pedigree of "Sanro" name lies in every pair of shoes we produce.

The company adopted a marketing strategy that allows us to be quckly informed on the shoe market changes and needs concerning design, materials, and number's distribution on pairs.


You can place orders on Sanro shoes using a variety of methods: by phone, fax, e-mail or through one of our sales representatives.







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