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Shoe maintenance

ShoesTo use efficiently and for a long time your SANRO shoes we offer you some advice regarding the maintenance of our products:
  • You have to clean your smooth or pressed leather shoes from dust with a piece of soft fabric or a shoe brush. Oil stains will be cleaned with a cloth using a 1-2% washing liquid solution.

  • For leather maintenance, after a few days of wearing, a thin shoe cream layer will be applied on the shoes using a soft shoe brush or a cloth. After that the shoes should be polished using a piece of soft fabric.

  • The suede shoes will be cleaned of dust using a rough shoe brush and oil stains will be eliminated using gasoline.

  • Man-made materials shoes will be cleaned after every wearing with a dry (for dust) or wet (for mud) cloth. The use of shoe polish is not recommended. In addition the contact with gasoline or acetone should be avoided.

  • Patent leather shoes, and metal-style leather will be cleaned of dust using a soft cloth.

  • Glue sole shoes should not be in contact with organic solvents or petrol-derivated products.

For maximising the time life of your shoes we recommend alternative wearing of several pairs/models.











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